Parent Teacher Association

  • UFSI Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

    Teamwork and connection between the teachers and parents is vital for a healthy school environment. Where parents are productively involved in the life of the school there is greater learner well-being and enhanced teaching and learning. Parents can provide skills, resources and time to the school that will add to what teachers can bring, thereby adding value to the school while not interfering with the core functions of teaching and learning.

    Thank you to the following parents who have volunteered their time to be part of the PTA in 2024: M. Kritzinger (Chairman), V. Flora (Vice-Chairman), C. Badenhorst (Secretary), J. Sparham (Treasurer), A. Isavwa, M Pabari, N. Molloy and E. Chester.  We look forward to engaging with all parents in their fundraising initiatives and school based activities.