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The current fee structure for 2021 is as follow:

Assessment Fee on submission of application All grades E200.00
Once-off, Non Refundable Registration Levy Primary School E5 000.00
Once-off, Non Refundable Registration Levy High School E8 000.00
Refundable Deposit payable over 2 years High School E16 000.00

  GRADE 00 GRADE 0 GRADE 1-7 High School
(Includes Tuition Fee, Computer & Development Levies)
E19 500.00
E25 500.00
E48 730.00
E73 980.00
(Includes Tuition Fee, Computer & Development Levies)
E6 500.00
Per term
E8 500.00
Per term
E16 245.00
Per term
E24 660.00
Per term
Payments January-August
E2 437.50
Per month
E3 187.50
Per month
E6 092.00
Per month
E9 248.00
Per month
ANNUAL FEE if paid by 28th February 5% discount (Discount is only on tuition fees not applicable to levies) E18 525.00 Annual
(Paid before 28 Feb)
E24 225.00 Annual
(Paid before 28 Feb)
E46 294.00 Annual
(Paid before 28 Feb)
E70 281.00 Annual
(Paid before 28 Feb)
  • Transport and Learning Support fees will be added as applicable.
  • Primary School initial start-up stationery pack is not included in the fees. The stationery fee may is a once off payment of E570.00.
  • High School student’s stationery list will be provided and stationery cost is not included in the fees.
  • Sibling discount at 5% per additional child/ren applies.
  • Transport fees are payable prior to the start of each term.

Route Transport Fee 2021
Mbabane-central pick up and drop off (Pick n Pay) E4 780.00 per term
Mbabane-door to door pick up and/or drop off E5 260.00 per term
Ezulwini-central pick up and drop off (Gables) E4 950.00 per term
Ezulwini-door to door pick up and/or drop off E5 260.00 per term
Malkerns-Malkerns Club/Vickery’s Nursery E4 950.00 per term

Registration Levy

Upon the offer of a place at the school, a Registration Levy of E5000 (Primary School) and E8000 (High School) is payable prior to final acceptance into the School. This is a once off payment and it is not credited to school fees.The Registration Levy is used for Development.

School Fees

Fees are payable in advance at the start of each term. Fees may be paid annually, monthly (January to August) or termly. Fees paid annually attract a 5% discount. These must be paid by the end of February.

Development Levy

As the name suggests, this levy is used to further develop the school infrastructure and is also used for maintenance and repairs to existing buildings and equipment.

Computer Levy

The Computer Levy is used to improve the computer hardware and software as well as for netowrk improvements. The school is looking to improve its technological status so that we are able to run our administration more effectively, as well as improve our communication with parents. Due to increased number of classes we are currently looking into additional computer resources to cater for all classes.

Learning Support Levy

The Learning Support fee is payable for pupils attending the Learning Support Centre for either Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy or Remedial Therapy. The fee is payable termly and added to the School Fee account.

Bank Details

Account Number: 7704 6051 602
Branch Code: 770009
Reference: Account number
Please email Proof of Payment to pndlela@usutuschool.ac.sz