Fees 2024

The current fee structure for 2024 is as follow:

Assessment Fee on submission of application All grades E200.00
Once-off, Non Refundable Registration Levy Primary School E5 000.00
Once-off, Non Refundable Registration Levy High School E8 000.00
Refundable Deposit payable over 2 years - Usutu High School E16 000.00
Refundable Deposit payable over 2 years - Other Schools High School E24 000.00
Category 1: Eswatini nationals and dependants of non-diplomatic internationals/expatriates GRADE
(Includes Tuition Fee, Computer & Development Levies)
E22898.00 E29948.00 E58319.00 E58873.00 E89780.00 E90195.00
(Includes Tuition Fee, Computer & Development Levies)
E7633.00 E9983.00 E19440.00 E19625.00 E29927.00 E30065.00
Payments January-October
E2295.00 E2995.00 E5832.00 E5887.00 E8978.00 E9020.00
ANNUAL FEE if paid by 28 February - 3% discount (Discount is only on tuition fees not applicable to levies) E22211.00 E29050.00 E56570.00 E57107.00 E87087.00 E87490.00
Category 2: Category 2: Dependents of the Diplomatic Corps and Supranational Bodies (Fees essentially covered by Embassies/ High Commissions; Regional Bodies e.g. UN, AU, SADC etc; International NGOs) PRE-PRIMARY
GRADE 00-0
FORM 1-5
(Includes Tuition Fee, Computer [&] Development Levies)
E84360.00 E135000.00 E147000.00
(Includes Tuition Fee, Computer [&] Development Levies)
E28120.00 E45000.00 E49000.00
Grade 00 Stationery E675.50 Grade 3 Stationery E1248.50 Grade 7 Stationery E1083.00
Grade 0 Stationery E697.00 Grade 4 Stationery E577.00 Form 1/2 Textbook Levy E500.00
Grade 1 Stationery E1534.25 Grade 5 Stationery E539.50 Form 3/4 Textbook Levy E1000.00
Grade 2 Stationery E940 Grade 6 Stationery E791.00 Form 5 Textbook Levy E1500.00
Route Central Pick-up* Door-to-Door Pick-up*
Mbabane E6522.00 per term E7794.00 per term
Ezulwini E6734.00 per term E8006.00 per term
Malkerns E6734.00 per term *subject to increase

A. Payment Options, Terms and Conditions

1. Once-off Fees

Assessment Fees are paid on submission of an application. Registration Levy is paid before enrolment. Refundable deposit can be paid as once-off or spread equally over 2 years, the due date being the last day of October each year.

2. Stationery Fees

Stationery Fees, including Textbook Levy in High School, is payable in full, before the beginning of Term One (Term 1) or before a student resumes studies for mid-year admissions. This is an once-off amount for every year your child/ren are enrolled and varies according to the Grade/Form enrolled for.

3. Tours and other events

Tours and other events Fees are payable at least two weeks before the tour or the event. No student will be allowed to go on a tour or attend an event if the billed amount has not been paid in full. Furthermore, no student will be allowed to go on a tour or attend an event if tuition fees are not up-to-date in accordance with approved payment option.

4. Transport Fees

Transport Fees are payable in full before the beginning of each term. A student who has not paid Transport Fees will not be allowed onto the bus. Furthermore, as demand for transport service increases, the school cannot guarantee a seat for a student who has not paid, regardless of whether an application for a seat reservation has been made.

5. Examination Fees (CAIE exams)

These are exam fees for external Examination (Cambridge) applicable to Form 4 and 5. These Examination Fees are determined by Cambridge and will be billed to your account. The billed amount will vary according to the number of subjects, subject combination and subject level. This will be payable on the last day of July each year in full, for the October/November sitting.

6. Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees are billed on a termly basis, with the exception of those who preferred annual payment option. The payment of Tuition Fees depends on the payment option chosen by the parents. Three payment options are available: Monthly option, termly option and annual option. Below are payment due dates:

Monthly Option
7 January 2024 7 February 2024 7 March 2024 7 April 2024 7 May 2024
7 June 2024 7 July 2024 7 August 2024 7 September 2024 7 October 2024
Termly Option
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
40% Instalment 15 January 2024 13 May 2024 9 September 2024
60% Instalment 28 February 2024 30 June 2024 30 October 2024
Annual Option
  15 January 2024 30 January 2024 28 February 2024
Instalment % 20% 40% 40%
Early Settlement Discount Applied 0% 0% 3% of Tuition fees

NB: Failure to settle annual fees by 28 February 2024 will lead to forfeiture of the early settlement discount.

Transport Fees
100% Term fee 15 January 2024 13 May 2024 9 September 2024

NB: Transport service will strictly be provided to students who have fully paid their termly transport fees.


Sibling Discount (5%): The sibling discount is applicable where there is more than one student in an account. The 5% discount is applicable to all additional children, except the primary account holder (i.e. the first student to be enrolled). On the event the primary account holder leaves, the immediate next child becomes the primary account holder. The discount is only applicable to tuition fees.

Early Settlement Discount (3%): The early settlement discount is applicable to only parents who have opted for the annual payment option, on condition that they do not default on the prescribed instalment dates. It is deducted on the last instalment, provided it is paid on or before the due date.

Payment of Fees (Dependents of the Diplomatic Corps or Missions) The payment of fees for dependants of the diplomatic corps shall depend on special arrangements between the school and the particular diplomatic body.

B. Description of Charges and Fees

1. Assessment Fee:

This is a fee payable in respect of accessing if a child qualifies for admission to the school.

2. Examination Fees (CAIE exams):

These are exam fees for external examination (Cambridge) applicable to Form 4 and 5. They are determined by Cambridge they vary with the number of subjects and subject combination.

3. Learning and Support Fee:

These are fees charged for the provision of learning support services.

4. Refundable Deposit:

This is an amount payable at the High School. It is refundable two months after the student has left, net of any liability incurred as a result of the student’s action.

5. Registration Levy:

This is a fee payable upon admission, before the child is enrolled to class. It assists the school with expansion developmental programs aimed at enhancing the standard of the service provided.

6. Stationery Fees:

This is a fee for stationery used by the student in the Pre-primary and Primary School, during the course of the year.

7. Textbook Levy:

This is a fee for textbooks/workpacks used by the student in the High School, during the course of the year. Textbooks remain the property of the School and are returned at the end of the academic year or if the student leaves the School. If the textbooks are not returned, you will be charged the replacement value thereof.

8. Transport Fees:

These are charges levied for use of school transportation services between School and home during the normal schooling days and are payable prior to the beginning of the term. Any use of school transport services outside this purpose shall be billed to the child’s account based on the approved rate.

9. Tuition Fees:

These are fees charged for the provision of the educational service and are used to cover general operating expenditures such as payroll costs and bills.

C. Payment Details

Payments can be made in either of the following bank accounts. However, for international transfers, payment through the FNB account is recommended.

Bank Details

Account Name: USUTU FOREST SCHOOL - Current
Account Number: 7704 6051 602
Branch Code: 770009
Swift Code: SDSBSZMB
Reference: Parent Account No (eg 303409)

Account Name: USUTU FOREST SCHOOL - Current
Account Number: 6205 7248 877
Branch Code: 280164
Swift Code: FIRNSZMX
Reference: Parent Account No (eg 303409)
Proof of payment, as well as billing and payment related queries should be directed to accounts@usutuschool.com