Learning Support

At Usutu Forest School we believe that it is imperative that each child meets his or her full potential. In order to do this, the Learning Support Centre has been established to work with children who experience barriers to learning, their teachers and parents.

At the Learning Support Centre a multidisciplinary team identifies, assesses and assists children with learning needs. Therapy is delivered on an indiividual and group basis according to the needs of each child.

The Centre provides information for parents and teachers in giving additional support to their children.

The Centre also provides a forum for parents of children with learning needs to hold discussion groups, raise pertinent issues and form support groups.

The multidisciplinary team at the Learning Support Centre provides a seamless service, catering for the individual needs of all students.

Remedial Therapy

Remedial Therapy assists students whose greatest need is academic areas such as reading, spelling nad mathematics. The specially designed instruction is developed to cater for students' individual needs. The Remedial Therapist offers language enrichment programmes and promotes literacy development and mathematics remediation as well as study skills.

Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy assists children who have speech and/or language impairments that impact educational performance. Speech and Language Therapy sessions focus on articulation, fluency, language, processing or voice. The Speech Therapist works closely with teachers in order to assist language impaired children to access the school curriculum.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy assists students who have difficulty with gross motor coordination, fine motor coordination and perceptual delay. As with all therapies offered, the Occupational Therapist works closely with teachers in order to see therapy targets carry over to the classroom seting.

Play Therapy and Counselling

Play Therapy and Counselling uses play to communicate with students to prevent or resolve emotional, social and behavioral difficulties. The therapist uses play as a tool for diagnosis. The Therapist will determine the cause of the children difficulty and use play to change behavior or assist in achieving emotional stability.

Academic Support

During the afternoon activity programme sessions for each grade are conducted covering mathematics, reading and study skills. These are group based and optional and dependant on the time table. Sessions will enhance classroom instruction and are offered to all children at Usutu Forest School. All therapy is conducted during the school day and all information gathered by the therapist is considered confidential.

A learning support fee is payable should a child require one or more of the above therapies. These fees are able to be claimed back from Medical Aid. Learners are referred to the Learning Support Centre by Educational Psychologists or by the learner’s class teacher.