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Contact Details

Postal address
P. O. Box 264, Mhlambanyatsi H115, Eswatini

Physical address
Jabula Crescent, Mhlambanyatsi, Eswatini

Cell+268 7602 0594 (Headmaster)
+268 2467 4281 (Deputy Head: Primary School)
+268 3502 1694 (Deputy Head: High School)
+268 2467 4134 / 4412 (Administration)
+268 2467 4282 (Bursar)
+268 2467 4299 (Learning Support)
Alternative numbers:
+268 3502 1698 (Primary School)
+268 3502 1694 (High School)

bursar@usutuschool.ac.sz (Bursar)
dnaylor@usutuschool.ac.sz (Deputy Head: High School)
tmagagula@usutuschool.ac.sz (Deputy Head: Senior Phase)
tmarima@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: Form 1 Co-ordinator)
rjohnston@usutuschool.ac.sz (Deputy Head: Foundation Phase)
tdavidson@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: Senior Phase)
hdekoker@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: Intermediate Phase)
pbaxter@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: Pre-Primary Phase)
cncube@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: AS Coordinator)
msamambwa@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: IGCSE Co-ordinator)
psimelane@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: Learning Support)
tmushavi@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: Sport)
smndzebele@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: Languages)
tzwane@usutuschool.ac.sz (HoD: Pastoral Care)

All teachers have their own email address to ensure good communication. The standard format of the address is initial, surname followed by @usutuschool.ac.sz, for example rcook@usutuschool.ac.sz.

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