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About Us


Usutu Forest School has been in existence since 1963. With outstanding facilities, dedicated staff, an idyllic setting and an academic and extracurricular programme that keeps abreast with modern trends, Usutu prides itself on the excellent, well rounded education it provides.

The Governing Council, Head and Staff extend a warm welcome to all new parents and pupils. We trust that your child will find their school experience both enriching and rewarding and that as parents you will become involved in the life of the School. Together we aim to prepare the pupils for secondary education, and ultimately, for their future success in their chosen work environment.

The success of any school is dependent on the quality of its teachers. Teachers at Usutu Forest School are dedicated, committed, and empathetic and have the best interest of each pupil at heart. We strive to educate the children to become responsible, respectful and disciplined members of society and within their communities.

We place great importance on communication and hope that this website will answer the many questions you may have regarding the day-to-day routine as well as the overall operation of Usutu Forest School. There will always be further questions and a personal approach is the best way of answering those questions, so please feel free to contact us.

We welcome you all to Usutu Forest School.

David Jennings, Headmaster


Usutu Forest School believes that change is a constant factor in life and that education should develop personal values and thinking processes that will enable intelligent participation in a changing world.

The School sees the aims of formal education as the mastery of specific and general aims and the development of personal discipline. Learning is viewed as an unbroken activity continuing throughout life and that formal education must provide the training and skills for independence of thought, the faculty of critical enquiry, the courage to question and explore and an understanding of the tolerance for difference.

The School believes that a function of education is to provide students with awareness and an understanding of the major social, economic, ecological and political issues in the changing world. At our school we share a common goal with parents, which is to allow each and every pupil the opportunity to be the best they can be.

The child is nurtured and encouraged to develop and master relevant skills, concepts and attitudes. This will lead to a responsible, caring and self-motivated individual capable of contributing to, and upholding, a society in which we are all considered equal.

This will be achieved by:

  • Developing a positive self-value in each child

  • Encouraging and recognizing each child’s special gifts and talents

  • Developing self-discipline, independence and responsibility

  • Respecting the individuality and diversity of all

  • Cultivating family involvement in school activities and initiatives

  • Attracting, developing and retaining staff of the highest quality

  • Inculcating caring attitudes and actions towards others

School song


Rise Usutu, Usutu aim high, Rise Usutu, Usutu aim high
In the forest there’s a school, Where we learn the golden rules
Honesty, integrity, commitment, Gratitude and empathy
We have a responsibility
To be the best we can be, To be the best we can be
Rise Usutu, Usutu aim high, Rise Usutu, Usutu aim high

School motto


A - Acceptance, I - Integrity, M - Manners
H - Happiness, I - Independence, G - Generosity, H - Honesty


Usutu Forest School is a full member of ISASA (Independent Schools’ Association of Southern Africa) which has its origins in the Conference of Headmasters and Headmistresses formed in 1929, to represent the interests of independent schools in Southern Africa.
A full member of SABISA (Southern African Bursars’ of Independent Schools Association), SAISHRA (Southern African Independent Schools Human Resources Association) and SAHISA (Southern African Heads’ of Independent Schools Association).
The School has full accreditation from Cambridge International Examination (CIE).